On death and the Divine Reality - 2

An excerpt from the Introduction to Easy Death (pp. xxii - xxiii)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is Truth — but you have to deal with death. If it does not touch death, then it has nothing to do with Truth. Truth has to deal with death now — because "now" is a potential moment of death.

A consoling belief that requires death to be "some other time" is not good enough religion. Religion must apply in the moment, and it must deal with death, must be sufficient to be greater than death — far greater. It must be Light, rather than darkness — and it must be so now.

Most Perfect Realization necessarily covers everything, and covers everything right now. If this is the moment of death, Realization has to be sufficient to deal with it. Until the process gets to that point, the Realization is not enough.

— December 21, 2004

An excerpt from the Introduction to Easy Death (pp. xxxviii - xxxix)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: If you can be happy at the end of your life, then it cannot be about something coming to an end.

This is a profound and serious matter. But, on the other hand, it is not merely dark. Ego-death — going beyond the ego — is required.

That is what it is about. It is not about ego-expansion, or ego-development, or ego-evolution. It is about ego-transcendence, or ego-death — if you understand what that means. The phrase "ego-death" is apt in one sense — but, on the other hand, it suggests that there is nothing more, that death is the end, and that is not the case.

An excerpt from "Death Is Not the End of Anything" in Easy Death (p. 345)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You cannot get in touch with Reality Itself (or Truth Itself) without dying — in the sense of relinquishing the egoic self.

Most people think they will do that at the end of the physical lifetime. They do not deal with Reality (or Truth) in life, yet they imagine they will deal with It at death. They will not — if they have not dealt with It while alive. They will not want Reality (or Truth) in death any more than they wanted it while they lived.

To Realize Reality Itself, "you", the ego, must die — because "you" is a knot, a gesture, an act of separating from Reality. What is called "you" is an action of dissociation from Reality. I call it "the ego", "the self-contraction". It avoids Reality.

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