Is death an ending?

An excerpt from "The Gross Personality, the Deeper Personality,
and the Ultimate Identity" in Easy Death (pp. 196 - 197)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: . . . . You spend your life puzzling away whether or not God exists, whether or not there is any survival of death. And, all the while, Real God does Exist, and there is survival of death. Yet, there is more to life than merely knowing that God exists and that there is survival of death.

There are laws that govern the survival of death. There are many different experiences that can (potentially) follow getting up in the morning. So also with death.

What determines the experience? The experience is determined by what you have inherited in the deeper unconscious being as a result of your action (during those phases of your existence when you had the capability of bodily action). As I have said: While you are alive, you make mind — and, after you die, mind makes you.

By your action all the while — even now — you are putting things (so to speak) "into" the unconscious, the deeper personality, which is outside the grossly-orientated brain. You are enforcing and reinforcing patterns. You are patterning the deeper personality.

You are (in some sense) indulging in what is there in the unconscious, but you are also adding to it. And, throughout your life, the unconscious is (in most cases) just that — unconscious. That is why you wonder whether you survive death — because you are not aware of the greater part.

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"It is obvious, from all sorts of subtle details, that he knows what IT's all about . . . a rare being."

— Alan Watts
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and The Wisdom of Insecurity

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