How can I help someone who is dying?

An excerpt from "How to Serve the Dying Person"
in Easy Death (pp. 226 - 27)

In this excerpt, Avatar Adi Da is responding to a woman who
asks Him how she can best help her mother who is dying.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You should do for your mother all the things that I recommend and that you know to do in the company of someone who is dying. . . .

You should speak to her, even if she does not speak to you, and give her the feeling that there is nothing negative between you. If there has been anything negative between you in the past, you should, through your conversation, make it clear to her that you forgive her and that you feel forgiven by her. Make completely clear to her that you no longer feel any limitations in your relationship.

If you like, you can read to her what I have Communicated about the process of death and about simply surrendering — that she should have no fear that death will destroy her.

She should know that death is simply a transition into other experiences that also pass, that (eventually) she may resume a human existence and that, as she passes through these stages of experience after she leaves this world, she will be given help.

It is true that, after your death, people come to help you — telling you where you are and what is happening to you — just as people do in this realm. Try to bring to her a sense of the reality of her situation — not the dismal downtown expectation that "when you're dead, you're dead", because that view is completely untrue and worldly and a terrible vision.

When the present body becomes too weak to go on, it is quite naturally abandoned, but the process of abandoning the body is not the destruction of the individual being. Light cannot be destroyed. Light is always conserved. Because human beings are essentially forms of Light, they continue to exist after death — but they also continue to undergo transformations.

The purpose of your existence is to surrender to the Divine Conscious Light, until (instead of realizing only the changes and the transformations) you Most Perfectly Realize the Divine Conscious Light Itself.

Your mother, then, should surrender to the One Who is Living her, knowing that the Divine Being Is Light and Love and Fullness and Happiness and Purpose and Creative Will — and she should let herself be Carried without fear from this world by that Great Influence.

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