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For Easy Death
(pp. vii - xii)

by Richard Grossinger

to the Third Edition

The Living Divine Person Is Here to Help
Everyone Realize the Deathless Condition
by Megan Anderson

The Heart of Understanding
(from The Knee Of Listening)


Death and the Ultimate Identity:
The True Condition of Human Life

1. The Lesson of Bootsie's Passing
Avatar Adi Da's Childhood Contemplation of Death

2. The Truth About Death
[Fear of dying]

3. Death Is Not Your Concern

4. There Is No Individual "self" That Dies
[How can I release my fear of death?]

5. Death and the Divine Destiny

6. Easy Death
[Fear of dying]

7. Death Is the Way to Life

8. Death and Joy

9. "Feel Me Infinitely Above and Shoot Straight to Me Like an Arrow"
The Story of Lance Barham's Blessed Death,
by Deborah Fremont-Smith


Going Beyond Fear:
Death, Sleep, and the Impulse of the Heart

1. The Love-Blissful, Unthreatened Current of the "Bright"
Avatar Adi Da's Early Demonstration of ego-Death

2. The Body Wants to Allow Death

3. Death, Sleep, and Meditation

4. Get Up from Bed and Drop Dead!

5. The Inherently Fearless Condition

6. "Be Fearless!"
A Story of Avatar Adi Da's Great Blessing-Work
with Tamara McPhail, by John Bent

7. What Is More Than Wonderful Is Not Threatened

8. The Problem of Death
from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

9. Every Being Is Moved to This Immense Peacefulness


The Mystery of Life Beyond Death:
After-Death States and the Cosmic Mandala

1. Stay on the Zero

2. After Death, Mind Makes You

3. Let Death Make You Serious About Life

4. The Supreme Healer
by Frans Bakker and Tom Closser

5. The Cosmic Mandala
[Where is God in the death process?]

6. The Penetration of the Cosmic Mandala

7. The Divine "Brightness"
from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar


The Paradox of Reincarnation:
Rebirth and the Deeper Personality

1. Death Is a Radical Fast

2. The Paradox of Reincarnation
[Is reincarnation real?]

3. The Mystery of a Human Birth

4. The Death of a Fascination
by James Steinberg

5. The Gross Personality, the Deeper Personality,
and the Ultimate Identity

[Is death an ending?]

6. There Is No Entity That Passes from Lifetime to Lifetime
from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

7. Divine Descent
Avatar Adi Da's Avataric Divine Self-"Emergence" and The Dissolution
of the Karmic Vehicles of His Incarnation


"You Will Treat One Another Differently in Death"
Serving the Death Process

1. How to Serve the Dying Person
[How can I help someone who is dying?]

2. Always Serve the Process of Release
Letting Go of My Brother, by Ron Jensen

3. Death Is a Living Process

4. Death Is a Ceremony for All

5. Death Is an Entirely Different Event Than You Think It to Be

6. "Send him My Love and Blessings"
The Death Transition of Bernie Kelly,
by Angelo Druda

7. "She Is With Me"
The Illness and Transition of Cathy Lewis,
as told by her intimates and friends

8. As You Approach Death


The Celebration of Passing:
Grief, Mourning, and the Process of Release

1. Death Is a Perfect Insult

2. Transcending the Ritual of Sorrow

3. The Celebration of Passing
[Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom on grief]

4. The Death of Derek, the Birth of Grace
A Story of Love, Loss, Surrender, and Divine Help,
by Richard and Lynn Goodman

5. The Understanding That Overcomes Suffering

6. Realization Is the Only Liberation from Loss


Death and the Purpose of Existence:
Realization of the Deathless Reality

1. Use Your Life

2. Your Practice Will Not Be Lost at Death

3. This Liberating Impulse

4. The Significance of Renunciation

5. Death Is Not the End of Anything
[The Truth about near-death experiences]

6. "Be Full of the Light"
A Story of Avatar Adi Da's Blessing of My Sister
by Carolyn Lee

7. Death and Light
Avatar Adi Da's Perfect Demonstration of the Entire Process of
Illumined Death and the Unique Gift of His Bodily Continuation

8. The Great Event of Divine Translation
from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

9. My Sphere of Love-Bliss



Serving the Death Transition
A Summary of Avatar Adi Da's Instructions
by Connie Mantas and Judy Wendling

Recommended Recitations
for Serving the Dying Individual

Serving Animals Through the Dying Process
by Stuart Camps,
Director of Fear-No-More Zoo of Adidam

Full List of Excerpts
Personal Stories

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