Personal Stories
taken from the book Easy Death

From "Always Serve the Process of Release"

(pp. 231 - 32)

This is an excerpt from a story written by a devotee who helped his twenty-seven-year-old brother David die (from cancer). Though David was not a practitioner of the Way of Adidam, he was receptive to Avatar Adi Da's Grace and Instruction, and chose to be served by His Wisdom-Teaching as he died.

There was a full month of service to David before he died. During this time, we brought him home from the hospital. At our parents' home we had prepared a second-floor bedroom with a nice view of Salt Lake.

David was in a steady decline, which arrested itself a few times when he would coast for a bit and then go into a greater decline. All the people who were involved in serving him with Beloved Adi Da's Wisdom were becoming very intimate. We were discovering that there was an ecstasy, a wonderful happiness and blissfulness, that was transforming David and attracting him more and more deeply.

I could feel the Mystery of what was happening. I could feel that death could actually be an ecstatic occasion, a wonderful occasion of transformation, as my brother became more and more released from his body and mind.

Yet it was also true that the fear, the anxiety, and all the horror of losing someone you love was being felt by all of us. This was my younger brother dying, one of my closest intimates. There was the intense pain of watching him die from cancer.

Nevertheless, there was always this other dimension to it that was powerful and potent. Everybody, even my aunts and uncles, staunch pillars of the mainstream churches, were eventually caught up in it.

One uncle who serves as a bishop in a Christian sect came to me and said that he had never been involved in a death and dying process of actually serving someone, talking about the technicalities of the death process with the person, and serving the person emotionally. He had never been involved in anything like what we were doing, and he was moved to tears many times by what was happening around my brother.

David dropped into a fairly deep coma early one morning. Those of us who were serving him at the time knew this was a sign that we had to enter into our service to him with much greater intensity. We also knew that our own process of releasing him into his transition had to be intensified.

We observed that David was still responsive to Beloved Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching even in the midst of his coma. We could feel him respond. Tears came from his eyes when we read to him from Beloved Adi Da's Instructions.

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