Is reincarnation real?

An excerpt from "The Paradox of Reincarnation"
in Easy Death (pp. 181 - 82)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Reincarnation . . . describes the connectedness between lifetimes that establishes conscious existence as continuous rather than episodic (or appearing only when a body arises and disappearing when a body dies). Reincarnation is a subject of very sophisticated knowledge, something you are capable of understanding only in an advanced state of consciousness.

Thus, there is no reason for ordinary people to walk around with beliefs about reincarnation. You cannot really verify such ideas anyway, until you enjoy a state of consciousness in which they are obviously true.

In general, religious people feel obliged to believe all kinds of nonsense to which they have no real connection. Most such ideas are just traditional lore — stories and conceptions created to console fearful people with superficial beliefs.

Perhaps, at some time in the natural course of evolution, human beings (in general) will achieve such a state of conscious awareness that reincarnation will again be a subject of ordinary presumption, based on self-verifying experience in the lives of most people. Then it will again be maintained as a cultural presumption — not just a curious artifact from ancient days, when people were involved in the processes by which reincarnation became obvious to them.

From the "Point of View" of Consciousness Itself, however, there is no sense of identity with a personality that is limited by a body. Rather, the individual consciousness (or apparently separate being) is Realized to be a transparent (or merely apparent), and un-necessary, and inherently non-binding modification of Divine Being Itself. . . .

To examine past lifetimes from the "Point of View" of Divinely Enlightened mind, one would have to presume that one was incarnate as every other being that had ever existed! If one's Very State of Being and Consciousness is Realized to be the Very State of Being and Consciousness of all other beings, then how can one presume a model of reincarnation based on a single body and its past relations?

That process would be (at most) a kind of superficial dimension of one's existence — but not the Truth of one's existence. The real fact of one's existence is not that one is a reincarnated individual, but that one is Identical to everything and everyone altogether. There Is Only the Divine Reality. That Is the Truth.

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