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Avatar Adi Da's Graceful Help relative to the death process occurs not only through the Instruction He offers, but also in terms of His direct Spiritual transformation of His devotee and His influence on what would otherwise be the devotee's destiny at death.

Easy Death is full of stories of His Blessing and Regard — easing the dying individual, and his or her loved ones, and Calling them to the Perfect Happiness that transcends death in every moment. Following are some excerpts from such stories.

from "Be Fearless!"
(pp. 93 - 94)

This is a letter from a devotee, John, who was serving his intimate partner, Tammy (Tamara), in her death process (she was dying from a brain tumor). He is writing to his friends about an occasion of Darshan (devotional Sighting of the Guru's Form) at the Hermitage Ashram Sanctuary of Adidam in northern California.

from "Always Serve the Process of Release"
(pp. 231 - 32)

This is an excerpt from a story written by a devotee who helped his twenty-seven-year-old brother David die (from cancer). Though David was not a practitioner of the Way of Adidam, he was receptive to Avatar Adi Da's Grace and Instruction, and chose to be served by His Wisdom-Teaching as he died.

from "The Death of Derek, the Birth of Grace"
(pp. 299 - 300)

This excerpt is taken from a full account of the process one of Avatar Adi Da's devotees (Richard) underwent after the sudden death of his six-year-old son. Here, Richard is receiving Darshan (devotional Sighting of the Guru's Form) of Avatar Adi Da, just days after his son's death.

from "Be Full of Light"
(p. 369)

From a devotee who served her sister's death process.

from "Feel Me Infinitely Above and Shoot Straight to Me Like an Arrow"
(pp. 46 - 47)

This is a letter written to Avatar Adi Da from a devotee who was dying of Lou Gehrig's disease.

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