Personal Stories
taken from the book Easy Death

John and Tamara

from "Be Fearless!"

(pp. 93 - 94)

This is a letter from a devotee, John, who was serving his intimate partner, Tammy (Tamara), in her death process (she was dying from a brain tumor). He is writing to his friends about an occasion of Darshan (devotional Sighting of the Guru's Form) at the Hermitage Ashram Sanctuary of Adidam in northern California.

When the call came that Beloved Adi Da was on His way, we moved Tammy down to be right by His path. He suddenly came around the corner and looked at us both before going directly to Tamara. Our Beloved Master took Tamara's head in His loving hands and caressed her with the most tender care I have ever felt or seen.

Tammy was looking at Him and weeping. Adi Da Samraj was whispering to her most intimately, and then He said, with Great Power and Sweet Love, "Be Fearless!" His Voice will always be with me now.

His face completely riveted my attention — so tender and so vulnerably in love, yet absolutely serious in His Intention to Liberate Tammy and all beings.

Then our Beloved Guru gave even more Instruction. He said to Tammy, as he touched her ajna chakra with His thumb and motioned His hand upwards, "Attend to Me here!" What a Blessing! What a Master!

I was completely amazed and weeping ecstatically as Tamara gazed at her Beloved Master. Just to see the Guru and His Mastered devotee completely in Love is a sight that completely broke my heart. Tammy understood and absorbed all that Adi Da Samraj said, as He held her there for such a long time before finally letting go.

But that was not the end of this Blessing occasion. Before I knew it, my Beloved Guru had extended His hand to me. I instantly held it and wept for joy. His hand was so soft and gentle. I kissed it and the tears ran all over His hand before I let Him go. I did not want to let Him go, and I never will. Then He caressed my head and Blessed me beyond all separation with a Love that will never end.

I love My Master and thank Him from the bottom of my heart for all His Blessing Regard and for this great opportunity to serve His devotee, Tamara, as she deals most directly with death. Fear of death is leaving me. He is doing it for both of us. This is His Great Message: "Be Fearless!"

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