Personal Stories
taken from the book Easy Death

from "The Death of Derek, the Birth of Grace"

(pp. 299 - 300)

This excerpt is taken from a full account of the process one of Avatar Adi Da's devotees (Richard) underwent after the sudden death of his six-year-old son. Here, Richard is receiving Darshan (devotional Sighting of the Guru's Form) of Avatar Adi Da, just days after his son's death.

RICHARD: When I sat down in front of all of my friends, holding a huge bunch of flowers to offer to Avatar Adi Da, I was in a state that was so vulnerable, heart-wounded, and full of need — there are no words to describe a need so great, the need of an utterly broken man.

I bowed down at the feet of my Heart-Master. When I arose, He was sitting straight and tall in His chair, and, in His beautiful, graceful way, His head turned and He gazed at me.

It is twenty-six years since that happened, and yet as I write these words I am instantly overcome with the absolute perfection, purity, beauty, and magnificence of the Divine Being that I was beholding.

In a glance, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Instructed me in a way that I did not think was possible. He showed me that even this — even this death and all of the feelings associated with it — were acceptable in the Presence of Real God.

In His eyes shone the glory and greatness of Real God — and He helped me. He helped me to understand and to see that Real God, Truth, and Reality were not destroyed or injured at all. The anguish and unbearable grief I was feeling was being purified most directly by His indescribable Compassion and Love.

His Divine State of Being truly Outshined the darkness of this crushing experience. Without such help I was only lost, empty, and in utter despair. I am forever grateful to Him for this profound Gift of healing.

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