The Truth about near-death experiences

An excerpt from "Death Is Not the End of Anything"
in Easy Death (pp. 345 - 47)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Many of the same mechanisms by which the individual avoided reality in life come into play again at death. The reports of people who have gone through a near-death experience suggest that they are describing the process of death, whereas they are not.

They are reporting their association with the death process, and they do not distinguish between the egoic mechanisms they brought to the experience and the process itself. Therefore, the reports of near-death experiences are full of the results of egoity, and they are not pure representations of the process of death.

The specific content of a near-death experience has everything to do with the cultural context in which the individual grew up. The testimony of Christian individuals, for example, typically corresponds exactly to the popular Christian notion of Eternity and of life.

If one accepts this report at face value, it seems to prove that the popular Christian view of Reality is Reality. But it is not. In one account, a woman describes the usual experience of passing out of the body and then going down the tunnel and seeing the Light. Then she saw a vision of Jesus, in which he gave her some instruction.

Why does a Christian see Jesus? In a Christian cultural context, it may seem "obvious" that Jesus is the Light — and, it may even be presumed that all people see Jesus when they die.

But does the Buddhist see Jesus? Does the Hindu see Jesus? Does the Native American see Jesus? No. They each see the Light in a different manner.

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