The Truth about near-death experiences - 2

An excerpt from "Death Is Not the End of Anything"
in Easy Death (pp. 345 - 47)

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AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Someone who has died sees the Light as a personification because of certain kinds of association. The mind and its devices are still combining with the experience and limiting it, necessarily. The Light is simply the Light. The Light Is Reality Itself. The Light Is Real God. The Light Is the Ultimate Condition.

But, you cannot Realize It as the Divine Self-Condition if you are ego-possessed, if you are self-contracted in any fashion whatsoever. To whatever degree you are ego-possessed, not given over, not egoless, the Light is transformed by your own mind.

Going down the tunnel and seeing the Light is just the first step — yet, people talk of this experience as if it were the ultimate result. It is just the beginning! If you do not Realize the Light as the Divine Self-Condition, It continues to be modified. It is Jesus, or whomever one may see, only for a brief time.

Then It becomes all kinds more of your mind, your limitation, your fear, your ego-possession, your visions, appearances, associations, dreamlike phenomena — until there is, in all this spinning, a re-conjunction with another fixed position, which is reincarnation (perhaps in this condition or perhaps in some other condition or some other vibratory plane).

Light Itself Is the Substance of Reality. It Is Reality Itself. You cannot Realize It, you cannot be One with It, unless the sense of separate self dies. There must be no "difference", no separation, no self-contraction. By Means of My Avataric Divine Spiritual Grace, the Light can be Realized, Reality can be Realized — even while conditional appearances apparently persist.

You can be utterly Free of fear, of ego-possession, of separation, of negative destiny, of bondage. However, there must awaken in you a disposition that would have it be so.

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