"As You Approach Death"

A Talk excerpt from Easy Death (p. 268)

As when going to sleep, you should simply relax and rest your hold on the states of body and mind.

If you enter into the death process trusting the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Being to the point of utter self-surrender, then the event will suffer no distortion, and you will emerge into a right, profound, and (ultimately) Divinely Happy Destiny — just as such surrender and trust relieve your life, and sleep, and dreams of distortion, fear, illusion, and doubt while you live in this world.

Death is not a permanent event or effect.

Death is simply a transition to further experience.

Death is a transforming event that prepares you for another birth — just as it stands before you now, motivating you toward ego-transcending surrender during your lifetime.

Death and rebirth are the inevitable cycle of your existence — until (by Means of Divine Grace) you grow and surrender and serve beyond the limits of all the schools of cosmic Nature, and so Emerge permanently into the "Bright" Divine Self-Domain, Where you will exist in Inherently Perfect Self-Identification with the Divine Being, as well as in Inherently Perfect Relationship with the Divine Being.

So be it.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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