On fear of dying

An excerpt from "The Truth About Death" in Easy Death (p. 15)

Fear of death is anxiety (or emotional recoil) experienced in anticipation of the event. Such fearful anticipation is basically the result of a failure to observe the death process in others and to study that process through systematic education and self-observation.

Death is a necessary, purposeful, and (ultimately) benign psycho-physical process. It is similar to the process of giving birth, except that it occurs to both males and females.

As in the case of preparing for childbirth, you must study the death process bodily and through observing others. Above all, tension and fear must be relaxed during the death process (as it must be in the case of a woman in childbirth).

You must relax and release, as when going to sleep — in a feeling of deep trust, love, and surrender to the Divine Reality on Which the process depends.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

An excerpt from Part II, Introduction in Easy Death, (p. 54)

You have no philosophical problem with sleep, and yet you seem to have a philosophical problem with death. And it is not because of what you know about death — it is because of what you think happens to life when you die.

What you fear is the objectlessness that death seems to promise. It is ignorance that makes you fear death — a lack of knowledge, a lack of experience.

Why should you fear death any more than you fear sleep? Why are you so afraid of the loss of objects? Why are you afraid of the Very Condition you are in?

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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