On fear of dying

An excerpt from "Easy Death" in Easy Death (p. 29)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Reality, Truth, or the Very Divine is not afraid of death. Therefore, if you Commune with the Divine Person — if you are really intimate with the Divine Person in this present moment — then the body-mind's reactivity to death relaxes.

Therefore, as My devotee, the more profoundly you enter into heart-Communion with Me, the less you associate with the tendencies of the body-mind.

Death can (thus and thereby) be easy. If you are entered into heart-Communion with Me in the process of death, then the body will go through the natural process of death without aberrating your conscious awareness. Death will be natural, easy surrender. There will be no clinging and no fear.

Death should be (and, in general, can be) easy — natural, in this sense. But, if death is to be (thus) easy, you must be linked to the Divine Reality That Inherently Transcends the body-mind.

Otherwise, if you are simply identified with the body-mind and contracting, you are (as a matter of course) going to be beset by fear at the point of dying, and you are going to be beset by many other emotions and reactions that will determine your destiny after death.

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