"Realization Is the Only
Liberation From Loss"

A Talk excerpt from Easy Death (pp. 318 - 319)

In this excerpt, Avatar Adi Da is speaking to a man
who is grieving the recent death of his grandson.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The experience of terrible loss, like any number of other experiences that are potential in life, is a wound that should move you to What Is Great, rather than fasten you to itself. If you keep thinking about, meditating on, a child lost, then you merely intensify the knot of the body-mind, wandering in sorrow and all kinds of potential despair.

The situation of life must move you beyond that. When the situation of life becomes one of disillusionment, one in which you cannot be consoled, where seeking cannot satisfy, then you come looking for Me.

Entering into heart-Communion with Me — through the forgetting of the apparently separate self — is means (Offered, by Me, as a Gift to all beings) to become Established in That Which Is Always Already the Case — the Divine Itself, Which Is the Self-Condition of all-and-All (without form, without blemish, without sorrow, without fear, without separateness, without relatedness, without otherness, without "difference").

Such is a completely different position than the one in which you are at loss — a completely different position.

I do not say this to you glibly at all. I understand — profoundly understand — the sorrow. And what I have just told you I tell you with absolute seriousness. It is not a casual matter.

It is not easy, but it is the Truth — a Great Truth, Absolutely True. It can be Realized — and, if you are serious about your life, you will insist on Realizing It and will not submit yourself to what is less than That.

You will turn the faculties to Me — instead of turning them upon that memory-collection, with all of its contents (including the sorrow). By forgetting the egoic self in turning to Me, you will also forget your sorrow.

By entering into heart-Communion with Me, you will (most ultimately, by Means of My Avataric Divine Spiritual Grace) enter the Domain of the Divine Self-Condition. By entering into That Domain, without turning back, you will Most Perfectly Realize Me, and (at last) you will be Divinely Translated into My Divine Self-Domain — Which is Infinite, Absolute, and Always Already the Case.

There is no other answer to your sorrow.

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