From the Introduction to Easy Death,
"The Living Divine Person Is Here to Help
Everyone Realize the Deathless Condition"
by Megan Anderson, senior editor,
The Dawn Horse Press
(pp. xxi - xxii)

Given the universal nature of death and its tremendous impact on our world, you might think that the process of death would be of fundamental interest to each of us, every day. You might think that death would be a reality for which we would want to account from the start — to know it, to understand it, to address it head on.

However, Adi Da Samraj has pointed out that most of us — especially in the modern West, and everywhere that consumer culture is proliferating — prefer to ignore death if at all possible.

When we are not busy living as if death were not going to happen, we create philosophies that make us feel better about death. Though philosophical and religious beliefs offer consolations to the mind, they do not eliminate the suffering of our mortality or give us definitive knowledge of what happens after death.

Adi Da Samraj does not offer reassuring promises of a "beautiful future" for all via mere belief in His Revelation. Neither does He idealize what can be achieved or experienced in a human lifetime.

Throughout His Life, Avatar Adi Da has never been satisfied with the "stock answers" to death — neither the exoteric promises of religious hope, nor the esoteric efforts of Spiritual "escape", nor the bleak dogma that "when you're dead, you're dead".

Adi Da Samraj was born in and as and from the "Bright" Reality in which there is neither birth nor death. Thus, His devotees know Him to be the Divine Avatar — One Who has manifested in the human world by "crossing down" from the Deathless Condition.

Even as a child, He knew that Truth inherently transcends the pain of loss and ending. And His entire Lifetime has been spent unlocking that Ultimate Condition from limited views and offering a way for anyone to Realize It directly — free of myth, belief, or strategy. . . .

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