Is death an ending?

An excerpt from "The Gross Personality, the Deeper Personality,
and the Ultimate Identity" in Easy Death (pp. 196 - 97)

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AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: When you die, the waking consciousness falls off, the physical falls off — and what was unconscious before (which is outside the grossly-oriented brain) is now who you are and where you are. It is a place. It is the mind-realm. This is what follows life.

Death is by no means simply a doorway to heaven. What is on your mind now, when you lose physical attention? What kinds of thoughts do you have, what kinds of dreams do you have, what kinds of fears do you have?

Whatever they are, they will make your experience after death. While you are alive, you have physical concentration and a brain that locks you away from the so-called unconscious. You have an opportunity while alive to purify yourself, but what is to be purified is outside the brain. You think it does not even exist — so you just indulge yourself in physical life, as if the physical exists for its own sake.

The physical is not there for its own sake. It is there to help you purify the deeper being, the deeper personality — to the point where you can be Gracefully Awakened to That Which Transcends even the deeper personality.

Conditional existence is an opportunity for Realization, but most people do not understand that this is so. The body-based mind (or the gross personality) is ruling the world, creating world-culture, creating everyone's destiny. Therefore, the Realization I am Offering as an opportunity to you, and to everyone in general, may not make sense to most people. They have lost the tradition, lost the experience.

Nevertheless, many people may be attracted to this Offering — because ordinary existence does not go all that well. Devotion to one's gross existence does not produce Happiness.

Therefore, people become dissatisfied with the entire range of "'things", and become heart-sensitized to some degree. Consequently, through an examination of My Wisdom-Teaching, many may develop an appreciation for this unique opportunity, and (thereby) become capable of responding to My Offering of Most Perfect Freedom.

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