Adidam offers an ongoing selection of half-day and full-day seminars for the sake of becoming more prepared for death, understanding more about the process of death and dying, and learning more about Adi Da Samraj. Topics include:

  • How can we move beyond our fear of death?
  • What happens after death?
  • What actually occurs during the death process?
  • Does the mind operate separate from the body at death?

Click here for a schedule of upcoming Easy Death events


A self-study course is now available for the book Easy Death. The materials, created by the Laughing Man Institute, include:

  • audio recordings from Avatar Adi Da's Talks about death and dying
  • an online program of guided study
  • and a series of lectures to enhance your reading of the book.

Click on the following link to visit the Laughing Man Institute website and learn more about the Easy Death course.

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