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about Easy Death and Avatar Adi Da Samraj

My relationship with Adi Da Samraj over many years has only confirmed my certainty of His Realization and the Truth of His impeccable Teaching. He is much more than simply an inspiration of my music, but is really a living demonstration that perfect transcendence is actually possible. This is both a great relief and a great challenge. If you thirst for Truth, here is a rare opportunity to drink.

composer and musician, Deep Breakfast, The Sky of Mind, and Ray Lynch, Best Of

Adi Da Samraj is a man who has truly walked in Spirit and given true enlightenment to many.

founder, the Bear Tribe Medicine Society

An engaging anthology — and a timely one. . . . With essays, wisdom-commentaries, near-death experience, and teaching tales, there is much Adi Da Samraj offers here to read slowly and savor.

author The Aquarian Conspiracy

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3rd edition
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
544 Pages Illustrated


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