What is the Purpose of Death? - 2

"Death Is a Freedom-Ritual of Self-Sacrifice"

An excerpt from Avatar Adi Da's
Literary Masterwork, The Mummery Book

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The One-True-Heart's Divine True Love must be All-Shown to life — by means of the body's universal kiss of feeling-heart-Found all-and-All — in death. Therefore, true love's Right death is how the body-"I" keeps faith — with the universe, and What Is.

Even all my life — this constant dying, with the feeling-heart, is the constant toll required of me. It is required, constantly, by the tolling Bell! and constant Call, that sounds — without a thinking thought — within the node and rhythmic chamber of my breast and belly-chest of Breath.

Life is not given, anywhere, to be a life apart — for its own sake. But, life is, always, to be a death of self. A Freedom-ritual of self-sacrifice — enacted, bodily, by the Open hand of feeling-heart's true love. And the True Loved-One, of the feeling-heart, is not an "other" — ever, or at last — but, only That Which Is, forever. Always and Already — there.

Therefore, It Is Reality, Itself, That Un-confines me here — by Dying me, to death.

True Water Is the One Reality.

The One True Heart Is the One and Only Real True God.

And That True Heart-Reality Is "The Water-All" — That, always, Takes my human feeling-heart to death.

And ego-death—by feeling-heart's Free, Open hand — Is the Perfect Way to Realize the Only Truth. The Truth That Is the One True Heart — Itself.

And death of separate ego-"I" — by means of feeling-heart's true love — makes my true love, The Love Divine.

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