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Childhood Contemplation of Death

In His childhood, Avatar Adi Da pondered and directly confronted the "problem" of death. He describes how He always felt death and the inevitable suffering of it as a "counter" to the "Bright" He knew at birth. Death was, for Him, "the source of contradiction, fear, mystery, and despair".

In my very earliest years, it was always clear to me that, no matter where one goes or where one is, one is always the same fundamental Consciousness. Indeed, I observed and experienced all events from the "Point of View" of the "Bright".

I was Being that Radiant Consciousness, Which is untouched. But I gradually became combined with the mortal experience of identification with the body-mind, and a great question arose in me, more and more persistently and profoundly:

What is Consciousness (in Its living form, and altogether)? What must occur within It for It to remain as It is (untouched and Free and Blissful) even while, in Its living form, It already bears the certainty (or the tacit knowledge) of death?

The Knee Of Listening
Easy Death (p. 10)

This question — how to know the untouchable Bliss of Consciousness in the midst of this mortal circumstance — was the driving force with which Avatar Adi Da investigated and experienced the Truth about death.

And He undertook this compassionate ordeal to make it possible for all to know the Truth about death, and about our Real Condition of Perfect Love-Bliss Happiness.

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