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Permanent ego-Death

During a period of study at a Lutheran seminary in Philadelphia, Avatar Adi Da passed through a highly dramatic death experience.

As the episode began, Avatar Adi Da says: "I was overcome by a rising anxiety that became an awesome and overwhelming fear of death and I was fixed in the knowledge that I was soon to go mad and die. . . ."

In the hours and days that followed, there was no relief from the overwhelming fear, until finally, He submitted utterly to it:

I lay on the floor, totally disarmed, unable to make a gesture that could prevent the rising fear. And, thus, the fear grew in me — but, for the first time, I allowed it to happen. I could not prevent it. The fear and the death rose and became my overwhelming experience.

And I observed the crisis of that fear in a moment of conscious, voluntary death. I allowed the death to happen, and I "saw" it happen. . . .

When that moment of crisis had passed, I felt a marvelous relief — or, rather, simply, a marvelous Freedom. The death had occurred, but I had observed it!

I remained untouched by it. The body and the mind and the egoic personality had died (or been utterly released as a concern and an identity), but I remained as essential and unqualified Awareness. . . .

When all of the fear and dying had finished their course, when the body, the mind, the apparently separate "person" (and the act that made its apparent separateness) had been released, and my attention was no longer fixed in those things, I Knew Reality, tacitly and directly.

There was an Infinite Bliss of Being, an untouched, unborn Sublimity — without separation, without individuation, without a thing from which to be separated. There was only Reality Itself, the incomparable Nature and constant Existence that underlies (and observes, and Knows) the entire adventure of life.

The Knee Of Listening
Easy Death (pp. 61-62)

In this event, the apparently separate person had been released, and so the fundamental limit on the "Bright" dissolved. Within a few years, on September 10, 1970, Avatar Adi Da Re-Awakened fully and permanently to the "Bright" State of His Birth.

His Work to Teach others subsequently began — for His Realization was not exclusive, but rather the uncovering of the True, Deathless Identity of all.

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