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The Avataric Divine Self-"Emergence"

On January 11, 1986, Avatar Adi Da had reached a point of utter Despair at what He felt to be the failure of His Life's Work. Despite His submission to Teach, doing everything for His devotees' Awakening, He did not see in His devotees the signs of real disillusionment with ordinary life and unambiguous embrace of Spiritual practice.

While speaking to His devotees of His Despair, Avatar Adi Da collapsed. By the time the doctors arrived, Avatar Adi Da was on the floor, apparently unconscious. Devotees called out to Him, weeping and begging Him not to leave.

Then, one devotee who was supporting Him felt the life-Force shoot through His Body. Avatar Adi Da sat up, and began rocking forward and backward in a rhythm of sorrow. Tears flowed from His eyes as He expressed, in a voice choked with passion, His infinite Compassion for the suffering of all humanity.

Divine Descent

Later, Avatar Adi Da spoke of the great import of what had occurred. In the depth of that Yogic "Swoon", the process of Divine Descent — the Divine Incarnating in human Form — which began in His infancy, had Spontaneously completed itself.

In My Experience of the Great Event of January 11, 1986, there was an apparent Swoon, but no loss of Conscious Awareness. When the Body fell from the bed, it may have appeared (to those observing) to be unconscious, or (perhaps) barely alive or even not alive at all — but, all the while, I Was and Am Consciousness Itself, the One and Only Conscious Light Itself.

Therefore, in the initial Event associated with that Process, This Body was Surrendered utterly Into Me — the Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, Spiritually Self-"Bright", and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Consciousness. And the Process of Surrendering This Body-Mind into My Own Divine Self-Condition Continued.

That Process did not come to an end on that early morning of January 11, 1986. In other words, the Great Event of the Yogic Establishment of My Avataric Divine Self-"Emergence" was not a death-and-resurrection event.

Following that Great Event, there is simply an unbroken and continuing Process, in Which This Body-Mind is ever more profoundly Surrendered into Me.

The Knee Of Listening, Part Three
Easy Death (p. 216)

In this death-like Swoon, the Force of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Person Outshined all of the mechanisms associated with rebirth in His human Form, and He was able to describe this process from the "Point of View" of His Divine Self-Identity.

From that time, His Body became as a Window — utterly transparent to the Indivisible Divine Light of Reality — the Condition that is Free of both death and rebirth.

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