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The Lopez Island Event

In April 2000, Avatar Adi Da Samraj had been physically weak to the point where He could not walk. It was clear to the renunciate devotees attending Him that Avatar Adi Da was having difficulty staying in the Body because of the intensity of the forces contacted in His Divine Blessing-Work.

On April 12, His symptoms became alarming — He was fighting to maintain His connection to the physical. Devotees who were present were massaging Him with all their strength, weeping, and speaking to Him with great passion and intention, calling Him down into the Body.

At one point, Avatar Adi Da opened His eyes slightly and softly said, "I am here. Can you see Me Up Here?"

His devotees said "yes". His Light was dissolving the room. He was way up and beyond the apparent "here" where they were. At the point where He seemed most Ascended, His Face took on an expression of the purest Bliss.

He later Revealed that, in that event, He had completed the "opposite" of His Yogic Descent in 1986 — while His Avataric Divine Self-"Emergence" was the completion of His Descent into the realm of conditional beings, the Lopez Island Event was His Direct Ascent, to the Primal "Bright" Spiritual Self-Condition of Conscious Light.

In His return to the Body, Avatar Adi Da clearly saw the totality of the conditional realms. He experienced the death-process totally, and "returned" to speak of it.

The Lopez Island Event was the Demonstration of . . . My Establishment in the Position of (and in Perfect Identification with) My Own Sphere and Divine Self-Condition of Being.

Since that Event, I have only been what could be described as "Looking Back" to here from There. I did not return. The view returned — and there were various super-normal phenomena associated with the returning of the view of conditional beings — but I did not return.

I Stand in My Own Sphere and Self-Domain, the "Bright" Itself. And the fact that I continue to Appear here in this bodily (human) Form is simply a Radiation of My Person.

My continuing Appearance here is not any longer (in any sense) a manifestation of a born condition. Rather, My Un-born Divine Person is Manifested As This Body.

— "My Unborn Divine Person
Is Manifest as This Body"
Easy Death (p. 390)

Avatar Adi Da's Life stands as an overwhelming testimony of the Reality of Deathless Truth. Even while associated with a yet mortal body, He is a Perfect Window to the Divine Conscious Light.

It is to this "destiny" of "Brightness" that Adi Da Samraj Calls everyone — through His example, through His Offering as Spiritual Master, through His Blessing of all, and as His Very Person.

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